I am Free!

Freedom is always represented in a bird flying in the sky, but Have we ever thought what would be the bird point of view while flying up in the sky?, For sure he witnesses a beautiful scene, but he also worries about getting back home safely.

These worrying feelings didn’t prevent him to fly in the next day, as the freedom taste is more delicious than the fear, So everyone kindly value your freedom and don’t kill her with fears.

I am leaving!

I am leaving the town and going on a ship  to another city where i can live, My decision came after a period of monitoring the behavior of other cats.

Being a cat in such a society is useless, I have no rights and have no future, and can’t expect any progress in my society, so I decided to leave it and search for another one to live in, hoping to find peace.


Desperate Cat Before jan25

The Beauty of Knowledge

The Beauty of Knowledge can be seen in many ways, After having an accepted research paper, this paper become the Beauty of the knowledge in the paper for its writer, But Bibliotheca Alexandrina became the Beauty of Knowledge supporting all the kind of knowledge in the current age, This makes her the most beautiful source of Knowledge in Egypt, and May be in the region as well.

Dream and Love

Dreaming is the art of painting the future and Love is the art of making this future meaningful.

Sea Shore is always the source of inspiring and feeling peace and love, so imagine having both of these inspiring feelings on the same time, in this very moment you will hold the entire world in your hands 🙂

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